4 benefits of video marketing for your business

The video is beginning to position itself as the star content to capture the attention of users in a much more visual, attractive and enjoyable way. That’s why you can hear more often about video marketing as one of the most important and effective marketing strategies. In this article we’ll show you how thanks to the videos in the product tabs, a store was able to improve their conversion ratio up to 120%, or increase their sales up to 30%. The video strategy has proven to be the most powerful alternative to al the promotional options we have.

Thanks to portals like YouTube or Vimeo, Small businesses have the possibility to enjoy of one of the best and most profitable marketing tools, an option that was recently only for large companies.

Many businesses have realized the potential of video, using them in their promotional campaigns alongside traditional online marketing strategies. Video has become the perfect tool for both increasing traffic and improving sales.

Benefits of Video Marketing for your business

If you’re not still using video marketing in your business, here you have 4 reasons why video should be a part of your marketing strategy.

  • Helps you to position yourself as an expert:

We’re living in a moment in which the visual rules over everything; because there’s nothing like the thing you can prove by your own sight.  Thanks to the video you can clearly show the benefits of your service or what your product is capable of. So this helps you raise the credibility of your brand, positioning your product or service as the valuable one.

  • Helps remembering your brand:

Following the previous idea, videos that manage to transmit emotions with humor, entertainment, controversy or impact; make it easier for the user not only to remember the video, but also to remember the brand when it time to make a purchase decision.

  • It is affordable:

With a simple camera and a little bit of wit, it is possible to create to video that captures the attention of your users. Not long ago the only way to do that was through TV commercials, and it was really expensive. Television is a platform that reaches millions of users and with a high quality of realization, making it impossible for medium and small businesses.

However, thanks to video marketing now it is also possible to reach millions of people and also, do it more effectively and even more convincing. In fact, a lot of large businesses are setting aside a part of their budget to create videos for this type of platforms beyond the television itself.

It is easy to log on YouTube and watch how many products and brands use this platform to promote themselves. That’s why this is the perfect time to introduce video marketing into you promoting strategy if you have a business.

  • Shows your business to a wider audience:

Google is the most popular search engine followed by YouTube. Imagine if your video could catch just a small portion of the thousands of millions of views that YouTube has in a month.

This platform has a power of its own and adding the virality of the social media can create a perfect match to reach a great diffusion of your video content. Promoting a video through channels like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus is at hand and raises your business to a better exposure, getting the best results.

Definitely, there’s no excuse to begin to integrate video marketing into you online promotion campaign. Soon, you will see as your business will have an increase in web traffic and conversion rates.

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