Why should Video Marketing be a must in the digital strategy of your business?

In the age of information, brands have the challenge of capturing the attention of their customers through media; using banners, images and pop-outs; although, experts claim that Video Marketing is the more effective method to do it, because it allows to develop a strong link between the client and the brand through an audiovisual experience.

Among many other benefits, Video Marketing will help you with some specific things such as:

  • Stickiness

Studies indicate that videos can multiply by six times the permanence on a website, and that informative videos about products increase that rate even more. That’s because people are more likely to watch an attractive video that shows how your service or product works, than reading just a description about it. Also, videos inform the user and give them confidence about the offer; and watching at the stats (number of viewers and permanence on the video) you can determinate which section of your clients you have to get closer to and how you can optimize the final offer.

  • Engagement

Video is a great way to generate visibility of your product. Motion pictures are an excellent option to attract new customers and get back some of the old ones, even can help you come back to you over and over again… This will help you stay on top of the mind of consumers raising the engagement rate.

  • Positioning

Every one love videos… that’s a fact, but also Google does! That’s why it’s a good SEO strategy is using videos to promote your product, because search engines like Google or Bing love content with motion on it, and they show them between the first results.

  • Virality

Some studies claim that 54% of the people share funny videos, 53% emotional videos and 34% informative videos. To make your message go viral, video is the ideal format since it excites the audience, it is easily shareable and it helps with de public participation.

  • Offline experience

Videos offer the possibility of watching the product and how it works even though when customers are buying online. It will help you avoid customer service to explain “how the product works” because they have already seen that on video, and the can watch it again anytime they need to!

There is no doubt of the power of videos, that’s why publicists and marketers keep following this trend very carefully, to make a balance between entertainment, informative diffusion and sales, to offer more relevant and less invasive information to their clients.

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