How to do Video Marketing

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It is one thing to use these awesome tools to create videos, but absolutely another to promote them for maximum exposure. Let’s read few projected video marketing trends for 2017.

●     A case study by Magnifyre states videos help 90 percent people to make purchasing decisions, and since the rise of the 360-degree video format in 2016, the average video viewing experience drastically increased.

●     The 18-34-year-old audience is inclined to drop their current activity to watch a video uploaded by their favorite YouTube artists, says the Think with Google

●     In 2016, Facebook paid $50 million to media companies for producing live videos on its platform. Combine this with the projects $1 billion projected revenues for Snapchat, and you see a growth potential with live streaming and temporary content.

Based on these three marketing trends, I am sharing some video marketing strategies. Whether you’re an influencer or working for a brand, these will be helpful. For detailed reading on video marketing statistics, read Alfred Lua’s article.

#1 Go Live!

With millions of active Facebook users, it’s a robust platform to generate influence through their LIVE option. Stream conferences, meetups, fun activities, award shows, or interact with followers at an opportune time to remain engaged with the fan base. Many standup comedians and entertainers use Facebook Live to announce new comedy skits, sponsorships, giveaways, and teasers.

#2 Social Media Tribe

Struggling to build a social media followership? Heed my advice and start following Lilly Singh aka iiSuperwomanii on YouTube. With 11 million followers and an active social media presence, her videos receive millions of views within a couple of hours of upload. Do an in-depth research, and you’ll find that her social media followers make her videos viral. She has specific tribes of ‘Unicorns’ around the world sharing and interacting with the videos. Success with video marketing is about creating a loyal following.

#3 Interactive Reviews

Use the 360-degree technology to create interactive videos. The 360-degree videos lend a real-time experience to the viewer of being on the location and viewing the happenings. View this gigapixel image of Trump’s inauguration from CNN – you can zoom in on everyone’s face with amazing clarity! Such image quality and interactive video technology will enhance the value of product reviews.

#4 Video Emails

As I mentioned in the beginning, 19% increase in email open rates when the word “video” is in the subject line. Let’s extend this a bit further. Stop sending boring texts in email newsletters. Instead, record and send a video in the newsletter. There will be incredible retention rate and engagement.


With immense opportunities in the “video” niche as a form of content marketing, it is logical to explore video marketing in 2017. What are your favorite video tools? Share with us.

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