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7 successful trends of digital marketing in 2017


2017 has already started! And here it comes with its own digital marketing trends. Wipe up your whiteboard, hold a marker and start strategizing in accordance with the trends mentioned below:

1. Instagram ads boost the social commerce:

Have you ever bought something from social media? The customers nowadays prefer to shop online and browse the product on multiple platforms. The customers can simultaneously dig through your website and Instagram page. Therefore, the social and in-store shopping must be well-coordinated with each other.

The advent of Instagram ads has to boost up the popularity of social commerce. It allows the brands to promote their products through image or video with the help of CTA for example “Shop Now”. On click, the user will be directed to the official website.

2. The return of Chat Bots:

Do you remember the Microsoft Office’s assistant Clippy? Did you find it annoying? But, it was a real precursor rescuer that immediately popped out to help you find a specific word. Chat Bots have returned back with some twists!

• It allows you to order, pay and track the item delivery without going out of the social media page

• Engages intelligently with the customers

• Don’t require direct human presence

• You just need to message the brand just like your friends

• Strictly on-demand

Let’s have a look at the places it’s being used:

• Taco Bell and Domino – to allow hungry customers to easily find their way to food.

• Casper – to assist the insomniacs and night owls

3. The trending live video:

Are you aware of the term “Go live”? The live-streaming feature launched by Facebook in 2016 is continuing to take off in 2017. It’s not just limited to Facebook. Instagram, YouTube and Twitter (via periscope) have also jumped in to promote their live video offerings. These videos are becoming viral due to their in-the-moment content. It helps the brand and businesses to develop a connection with the followers. Live video is felt to be captivating and authentic as it appears extempore. The digital marketers can use live video streaming to extract the engagement of audience.

4. Wearable technology and smart devices:

Are you aware of “Apple iWatch” and “Google Glass”? It is one of the wearable technologies that are embracing the world nowadays. According to current statistics, there are more than 7.19 billion monthly active mobile devices in the world. Therefore, the need for mobile marketing has also increased.

These smart devices are the productive connection with the digital world. The devices are made to suit the user’s needs. It is also ensured that these devices are small and interactive to give a quality experience.

5. Snapchat Geofilters:

Are you a snapchatter? You must avail this enthralling feature of Snapchat. The trending Snapchat Geofilters are becoming increasingly popular. It’s a creative way to develop an image that will overlay the Snapchat video or image. The company can use it to create a logo or message to expose it to exponential amount of snapchatters. Moreover, it can be used for massive engagement with the clients.

6. Content Marketing:

The relationship between marketing and sales is also flourishing in 2017. Content is considered to be the most superior part of any online marketing campaign. The email, video or visual marketing are counted in content.

The content should be interactive, unique and of high-caliber because the brand reputation, brand awareness and its activation depends upon the content. Moreover, as the importance of high-quality content is rising rapidly, the demand for niche-based writers with subject expertise is also increasing.

7. Expiring Social Content:

Have you ever set your ugly picture for 1 second on Snapchat? Everyone does that! The content disappears in just 1 second and no one is able to view your entire picture. This revolution feature was introduced by Snapchat but, recently, Instagram also launched stories as the competitor to Snapchat. The time-bound content is becoming an effective way to advertise the brand.

There are many other digital marketing trends out there, but if you are looking for dive in video marketing please visit us at

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