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Why choose didactic videos?

Didactic videos create a community around quality content, which information, in theory, only you control. Additionally, this material has a pedagogic function: It teaches to develop abilities inside your market, that’s a positive thing because it turns you into a leader in the sector, increasing the visits flow to the website and the hiring of your services.

Didactic videos commandments


1) Turn yourself into a teacher without being one

Selecting the content you’re going to work in the video. Ask yourself how to reinforce a subject, make a doubt clear or simplify a complicated activity. You will develop your didactic skill as you plan the content. Your success will be tangible as long as you establish a tight relationship with your community through video.


2) Transform a problem into a story worthy of being told

Men and women understand better complex content told in a story, this increases the comprehension of the message because of the degree of emotional impact. That’s why it is important to include narrations as examples which action be useful for the targeted audience. Without forgetting that your story has to have a beginning, a problem and an outcome.

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3) Explore the plastic capacities of an image

Support your presentation with videos and images, to integrate them in your final video as inserts. This will increase your message impact


4) Select the stage:

It’s not the same stage to teach than to explain how marketing companies work or how to develop a movie concept. Think about your stage around the subject you’re presenting, you don’t have to make it hard for yourself when looking for a nice place when you have  Green Screen montages. The most important is to get a likable atmosphere in which your audience can submerge in


5) Screening dates

We could’ve placed things like video production or editing strategies, although if you’re reading this article you must have a slight idea on how to produce and where to give visibility to your video.


However, what’s really important is the elaboration of a calendar, thought through accordingly to the logic of Inbound marketing. In spite of being didactic material, the idea is that consumers count you as a specialist. If you respect calendar then you will guarantee the trust of your community, you will increase the chances of being shared online and you will have a high rate of visits on your website.

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