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Tailored made videos that won’t harm your budget

Is it possible to have a video for my business without going broke? YES, you can have a professional video tailored to your needs in no time with VIDEO40!


At Video40 we are experts storytellers with more than 25 years of experience on video production. We offer the best quality for the best pricing! Our clients are not only clients are family , when hiring Video40 you will get a value pack on customer service that any other company can match!



You can request our services in just 3 simple steps, watch this video tutorial on how to contact us:




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Why to hire professionals to produce educational videos

Online education is on the rise , due to the increasing need of many educators and big institutions like universities and colleges of using online video to teach it is quite important to choose the right video production company.


As there is an increasing need of online education as referenced on Forbes at Video40 we stresses out the importance of hiring professionals to produce educational videos.



What can a professional video production company offer you?


1: High quality video cameras with 4K resolution.

2: Video editing

3: Make your professors be comfortable on camera

4: Use teleprompters and other means to guarantee an excellent speech on camera

5: Personal Styling to make your professor look professional and tidy on camera

6: Use the best lighting on set to avoid shadows and blurriness

7: Provide the best microphones for a high quality sound

5: Introduce pedagogical animations to the video , graphics , photos and other elements to go the extra mile with the educational video.

6: A professional video production company will also design a set or use a green screen to make the video more appealing to your students.


All the aspects we mentioned before are only offered but professionals, you can try to produce your own educational videos but the investment will be to high that is why we encourage to reduce costs, upgrade your videos and fully rely on professionals like us. If you would like to contact us and receive a free quotation feel free to fill up our contact form to do so click here 

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Case study: Gabyrosemakeup

Video40 had the pleasure to work with Gabriela Rosales is a Venezuelan makeup artist located in Miami Florida known on social media as @gabyrosmakeup , as a makeup artist she floods her Instagram account with makeup tutorials, product reviews, and so much more.


Gabyrosemakeup is a genuine entrepeneur a hardworking woman, in fact she developed clever makeup tools such as brushes and sponges that are unique on the market, as her websites states :


“GabyRosmakeup brushes was born as a dream to create exclusive, high quality makeup brushes at a reasonable price. Our brand will offer a selection of  unique limited edition collections and brushes designed to please every standard, situation and need.
Each brush was custom made to meet any artist, professional or enthusiast needs. Specially designed by a Pro Makeup Artist and beauty educator, this brushes have all the features you are looking for.
Our goal is to exceed our customers expectations and we won’t rest until we make it.”

One of her top creations is the master blending brush or The Jewel as many call it, Due to the launch of this amazing brush Video40 produced and edited a video to showcase the blending brush and make it viral.

The production of the video was tailored to Gabriela’s needs and wishes , the video was published on her social media on April 24th 2017, how did the video behave on social media?

The video has reached to the date more than 6.000 views and the master blending brush has become a best seller


Video40 strives in helping small business owners, entrepeneurs and individuals to achive their max potential through amazing video content. Video40 offers a helping hand to everybody interested in going beyond.


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