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Video 1: Hombre Solo o Mujer Sola. Quién es y cómo Enfrentarlo.

No permitas que tu empresa desaparezca. El crecimiento corporativo depende de entrenar, compartir y delegar responsabilidades y no tener el poder en una sola persona. En este video te doy unos consejos para que tu empresa familiar crezca. 

Vídeo40- e-Learning video classes

Vídeo40- 6 interesting ways to teach video classes in classrooms

Video40 knows that within the possibilities that offer audiovisual teaching, it’s common to get lost in a unique audiovisual format and forget that there are pedagogic alternatives besides video classes. That’s why we bring you with this article, 6 audiovisual formats from the simplest to the most complex, for a successful class in the current century.

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